TeachMusic – FAQ

Who we are.

TeachMusic is a passionate group of musicians, whose members are either far into their own musical journey (tutors) or just starting out(pupils). We place these two together in an enjoyable musical environment where the passionate tutor trains and help the pupil to become the best musician he can be.

We have made pursuing music lessons a simple and trustworthy exercise.


The pricing of the lessons will depend on the level of the tutor as well as the duration of the lesson. For your peace of mind we handle all the financial transactions. You pay us for lessons and we pay our tutors.

Who can join?

Music is for everyone! From the 6 year old, soon to be violin prodigy, to the 60 year old that finally decided to take up the accordion!

How do we choose our Tutors?

We stringently vet and choose our tutors on principles of trustworthiness and capability. Each of our tutors have to provide adequate proof of their musical studies which has to be of a certain accepted standard. These standards include Tutors currently busy with a tertiary diploma or degree which includes musical subjects or tutors who have completed a tertiary degree or diploma which included musical subjects.

Now everyone can play!